Your one stop shop for industrial gas, steel sales, and welding supplies.

Franklin Gas and Supply is here to support everyone from the hobbyist to the professional with a full range of medical and industrial gasses, steel from angle to I-beam as well as supplies to outfit you and your welder.

Welding, Medical and Hobby Gasses

We provide medical and industrial gasses to support welders, dentists, veterinarians and hobbyists alike.
We stock a wide range of tanks from 40 cubic feet to 80 cubic feet for purchase or exchange, as well as larger tanks for rental and exchange. Conrad and his team can evaluate and suggest solutions.

Medical Gas

Medical gasses are limited to dentists, vets and prescription holders. We offer on site exchange and delivery.

Delivery available next day, most orders placed before 9:00 AM can be fulfilled same day.

*We’ve been known to make exceptions for emergencies

– Nitrous Oxide
– Oxygen
– Nitrogen

Welding Gas

We have welding gasses for commercial welding outfits, small shops and hobbyists. From shielding gas to cutting gas, we have you covered.

Exchange or purchase here M-F from 7-4.

– Mixed Gas(75/25 Ar/CO2) -Acetylene
– Argon
– Oxygen
– CO2

Hobby Gas

We also stock hobby gasses. Whether you need to inflate ballons for an event or want to step up your homebrew game, we have what you need.

Exchange on site M-F from 7-4, delivery available.

– Helium
– CO2
– Beer Gas (Nitrogen CO2 blend)
– Nitrogen

Give us a call at 615.595.9181 or contact us.

Steel Supplies & Sales

We keep a sizeable stock of steel on hand and can order anything you may need. We can provide the last few feet of steel to finish a job, or a truckbed of steel for an entire project. On site: 10ft shear, brake (up to 3/8ths inch), band saw, piranha and drill press. Cut to size available two day turn around on any out of stock material.

– Angle iron
– Flatbar
– Square round and rectangular tubing
– Square and round solid bar
– Channel
– Expanded metal
– Sheet metal
– Plate
– I-beams.

Welding Supplies in Franklin, Tennessee

Whether you are working on a project in the garage or installing structural steel, welding requires the right gear. We have everything you need to get you started and keep you going. If we dont have it, chances are its on the way or we can order it.

– ER7056 wire
– E71T-GS wire
– Electrodes
– Mig
– Torch tips
– Protective/safety welding gear
– Welding apparel
– Torch outfits

Get in touch with us about our products by giving us a call at 615.595.9181 or contact us.